Nirvaved Products

100% Natural and No Side Effects


Inno5ense Healing Spray

Inno5ense is an Ayurvedic HealingSpray with a combination of Ayurvedic Extracts in oils. It helps the body’s defense mechanism against diseases and especially cramps for cigarettes illicit drugs and alcohol drinks and has a real rejuvenating effect which acts beneficially on all systems especially on Heart, Anxieties, Panic attack, Stresses, Heart, Respiratory system and Asthmatic.It also relieves symptoms of sinusitis and bronchitis. Inno5ense herbal spray is well recommended by doctors, vaidyas and various Health Institutes world-wide.

Direction For Use

Spray one or two puff under your tongue any time as per your wish. After each puff, do not drink water for 30 minutes.
It is advisable to do a holistic consultation with Nirvaved for proper usage. 2-3 puffs are recommended to chain smokers to avoid sudden cravings.


Bowel Cleanser

Constipation is the chief cause of many diseases and such condition produces toxins. These toxins find their way into the blood stream and are carried to all parts of the body. This results in wearing of the vital organs and lowering of resistance of the entire system.

A safe and effective laxative in the form of Rasayana

Appendicitis, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure and cataract are only a few diseases in which chronic constipation is an important predisposing factor.

Bowel Cleanser is a balanced formula for all body types. When taken at night after dinner, it has a cleansing and detoxifying action.

When taken regularly, it is good for gentle, slow detoxification of the digestive tract and the deep tissue. Prolonged use of Bowel cleanser is safe, in fact, it rejuvenates the intestines tissues and cells of the body, prevents cancer and aids in weight loss.


Immunity Plus

Nirvaved 5 lotus combines the holistic knowledge of Ayurveda (Science of Life) with the benefits of modern technology and quality control to bring you a range of highly effective Ayurvedic tea and supplements, free from adverse side effects.

Supply in Energy

Immunity Plus balances all elements of the body through the three dosha; Vata (Bitter), Pitta (Cooling), and Kapha (Sweet).


Lover's Tea

A gentle but aromatic tea, free from herbal or chemical side-effects. A healing infusion of 12 Therapeutic herb blends to provide a natural antioxidant that’s the perfect replacement to your normal cuppa.

Direction To Use

No caffeine or tannin guaranteed. Take evening and morning or any time during your day for a cleansing and detoxing health experience.

Serve: Steep in boiling water for five minutes and add milk and sugar to taste if desired.


Nirvaved's Soaps

4 Types of Soap: Tulsi & Neem Soap, Aloe Vera Soap, Saffron Soap, Turmeric Soap

The soap beautifies and is suitable for all types of skin.

It is beneficial for hair and skin therapy with
ayurvedic herbs.


Slim-N-Trim Tea

An ideal controller of cholesterol and a friend of the heart, this herbal tea is our holistic remedy for reducing excess fat and maintaining a slim, healthy and wonderful you. One hundred percent natural ingredients make it possible for you to be slim and trim all year round. A strong contender in reducing excess fats, this tea will provide the youthful zest and energized lifestyle you deserve.

Exercise is of course, an important aspect in keeping slim. But bulk of body makes it difficult to exercise without discomfort. There is also a risk of defective muscular nutrition. Fat in the chest leads to malfunction of chest organs.


Slim-N-Trim Triffla

SLIM-N-TRIM is ideal for fighting obesity, hypertension, constipation and diabetes among other. SLIM-N-Trim should be used over a period of three months.

SLIM-N-TRIM blissful weight loss management
TRIFLA will purify your body

Trifla rejuvenates the intestines, tissues and cells of the body. It prevents cancer and aids in weight loss.


Slim-N-Trim Trinitea

Slim-N-Trim Trinitea 3 times a week to maintain a weight balance. if you wish to pursue further weight loss, it should be taken for another period of 3 months, following a 1 week break.

Suggestion for preparation:

It is advisable to prepare SLIM-N-TRIM TRINITEA as a decoction to allow the release of the functions of its different herbs. Pour two cup of water in a pot, put in a tea bag of SLIM-N-TRIM TRINITEA and bring to boiling point. Allow the liquid to reduce to one cup.


Brain Nutrition

Stimulate and nourish various aspects of your brain by making Brain Nutrition part of your daily regimen for lifestyle change and stress relief.

A thoughtful blend of time-honoured herbal nutrients to improve mental vigour and ability.


Blend in a cup of boiling water and drink twice daily after meals.


Joint Fit

Launching an attractive and scalable quickly and affordably is important for modern — bol offers massive value without looking 'bargain-bin'.


Freeze-dried powder in rasayana form. A combination formulated to keep joints fit and healthy. Controls spasm and relieves pain. 

Has an anti-rheumatic effect, relieving joint-stiffness, restoring mobility. Used in treatment for arthritis.

Other values include favorable effect on the urinary, kidney and reproductive systems.


Night Bloom Powder

A special combination of herbal and mineral prerequisites to deliver exciting changes to depression problem, sleeplessness, sexual debility and nervous weakness. 

A safe alternative of natural vitality and vigour from rich, restorative ingredients. Contain herbo-mineral constituents.

Research has indicated that use of Night Bloom reduces sexual debility, prevents spermatorrhoea, increases libido, reduces physical weakness and fatigue, induces better sleep and prevents premature ejaculation.


Ashwagandha Churna

Ashwagandha holds a very important place in Ayurvedic pharmacology. It is used as a General tonic in all conditions of weakness and tissue deficiency. Showing very effective results on the reproductive organs. Ashwagandha enters various compounds and herbal formulations to increase vigour and vitality.

Today most Ayurvedic Doctors prescribe Ashwagandha in cases of general debility, nerve exhaustion loss of muscular energy, low sperm count among others. 

BY strengthening the joint accessories, Ashwagandha proves to be proves to be very useful in rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other related joint problems.



Giloy plant is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used and advocated in Indian medicine for ages, incredible benefits of Giloy, from treating chronic fever to boosting digestion and immunity.


Helps to boost the immunity system. It is a powerhouse of antioxidant which fight free radicals, keep your cells healthy and get rid of diseases. It helps to remove toxins, purifies blood, fights bacteria that causes diseases and combats liver diseases and urinary tract infections. Giloy can be used in treating heart related conditions and is also found useful in treating infertility and specially prepared for balance of sugar in the body.

Dosage: 2 tbsps. of Giloy juice + mixed with half cup of warm water, twice or thrice daily, 30mins after lunch and after dinner.



Yognindra is a special combination of herbal and mineral prerequisites to deliver exciting changes to depression problem, sleeplessness, hypertension and nervous weakness. A safe alternative of natural vitality and vigour from rich, restorative ingredients.

Can be taken as a regular food supplement. It is a non-habit forming and 100% natural and has no side effect.


Women Rasayana

Woman Rasayana contain herbo-mineral constituents. Research has indicated that use of woman’s Rasayana reduces sexual debility, physical weakness, fatigue and hypertension, induces better sleep, and relieves from menopausal symptoms Authentic a grade quality Sourced from its natural habitat.

Sexual debility, infertility, menopause, hot flashes, estrogen deficiency, menstrual irregularities, lactation deficiency, rejuvenation therapy.


Neem Churna

Occupying a prominent place in Ayurvedic pharmacology, today Neem has gained the attention of the whole world, not because of the religious significance it holds but due to the multi-faceted health beneficial effects it has when administered orally.

Neem is much used for treating and eliminating toxins from the blood. Possessing anthelmintic and antiseptic qualities neem is greatly prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors in the treatment of skin problems owing to the medicine qualities which neem intricately has, it is being used in the process of several Ayurvedic medicines.

Many herbalists also opine that the intake of neem powder helps in reducing rheumatism joints swelling.


Amla Churna

Being one of highest source of vitamin C, Amla bestows innumerable health beneficial effects by working on all tissue elements and increasing OJAS (Immunity).

Amla is one of the strongest rejuvenative in Ayurvedic medicines. Besides being a good blood purifier, it removes toxins from the body, acts as a good mild laxative and treats constipation.

Scientific research also advocates the fact that Amla has anti-inflammatory properties. By treating acidity (Burning sensation experienced in the stomach), Amla restores the Gastro Intestinal Tract and improves digestion.

Having good anti-oxidant effects, since ages Amla has been used in fighting free radicles from the body. If the decoction of Amla churna is used as an eye-wash it improves vision and clarify of the vision Ayurvedic scholars have also termed Amla as a general tonic and nervine tonic.


Brahmi Churna

Growing commonly in the Himalayas, Brahmi is greatly used by yogis (seers and sages) as food for meditation, thus increasing concentration and centralization of the mind. As a stress alleviating food supplement, Brahmi is much used over the greater parts of Europe as an anti-stress herb. Besides being a good rejuvenate herb.

Brahmi acts as an excellent nervine tonic and brain tonic. During examinations time Brahmi is highly recommended as it improves memory, promotes helpful vigour, reduces fatigue and promotes a sense of well-being.

When taken with milk Brahmi fortifies the Immune system and a part of that powder may be externally applied in chronic skin condition. Basically, Brahmi is a great memory booster.


Amrit Prash

Divine Food maintains the natural balance of the body and allows it to conserve a good health and vitality. It is effective in cases of medical problems like hypertension,cancer,diabetes,arthritis,Alzheimer,respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma, deficiencies of the immune system and sexual deficiencies.

It also, strengthens digestion, maximizes absorption and enhances assimilation. It brings coordination of mind and major functions of the body and protects body against free radicals.

The Life Nectar

It also, strengthens digestion, maximizes absorption and enhances assimilation. It brings coordination of mind and major functions of the body and protects body against free radicals.


Shikakai Hair Oil

An ancient Ayurvedic recipe that will stimulate your hair & scalps. Enriched with Shikakai, Amla, Brahmi, Almond and other well-known ayurvedic herbs to prevent the falling of hair and to remove dandruff.

Your hair will look soft and shiny.


Helps to soften the outer layer of the skin and keep it in a youthful condition.

It maintains the softness of the skin, and does not allow it to dry.


Ayurved skin beauty lotion has been specially prepared for pimples blackheads,acne etc.Prepared from Rose Water and Mineral Oil having cleansing nature.

It leaves the skin lubricated and clean.It helps to tighten the skin pores and leaves the skin cool.



Made with hazel Rose Water & Mineral oil which have the cleansing nature leaving the skin lubricating and clean.

Make it a daily routine to deep clean the skin. It cleans excess oils, bacteria, dirt and cleans clogged pores which develop into black heads.



Ayurved Massage oil provides symptomatic relief in acute and chronic joint affections.

Clear inflammatory exudates rapidly and reduces inflammatory swelling, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.


King Raj Herbs+

Normalises abnormally functioning cells, lowers high blood pressure, helps in weight loss, fights cancer, Reduces arthritis symptoms/pain.

Improve immune system. Rejuvenates body systems by promoting tissue regeneration and slows the ageing process. Improves children's brain function and memory process. Prevents fever, treats eye as well as constipation, stomach pain, treats menstrual cramps and irregularities.


2 tblsps of King Raj Herbs+ mixed with half cup of warm water, twice or thrice daily 30mins. Before breakfast , 30 mins.after lunch and after dinner.

Suitable for young and elder.


NONI Healthy Living

The Latest Researches have also proven that the Noni contains a number of substances-enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and scopoletin, all which play a pivotal role in maintaining good health.

The Benefits Of NONI Extracts
It is the sixth ranked top-selling herbal supplement in the United States.

Noni is made from the pure extracts of the fruits of a medical plants, Morinda Citrifolia, without any chemical residues, toxins, pesticides,heavy metals or fertilizers.It is processed with high care to maintain its bio-activity and keep its active components intact.

Noni is rich in vitamins A, C, E, B, B2, B6, B12. Essential element like calcium, Iron, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and other minerals like Chromium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrates and 140+ isolated Nutraceutical.


Vashishta Pain Care

Provides symptomatic relief in acute and chronic joint effections.

Clear inflammatory exudates rapidly and reduces inflammatory swelling, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.


Scandal Turmeric Cream

The Scandal Turmeric Cream is an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory cream.

It provides a soothing and refreshing effect.


Almond Cream

Offers essential nutrients rejuvenate skin/ revival.

Removes skin wrinkles.

Beauty Facial Mask

Beauty Facial Mask with ayurvedic herbs and fruit extracts deep cleanses and stimulates your skin.It removes the dirt,grease and dead skin of the face.

Permanent cure for all your skin problems through Ayurveda.

The herbal and natural ingredients ensure that your skin is well-nourished and radiates.
An Ayurvedic massage therapy takes care of acne and acne scars.