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Nirvaved is Internationally recognised Worldwide

As one of the best Manufacturer and Supplier of Ayurvedic food supplements and medication.

Nirvaved has one of the best labs with a solid structure.


Anti-Diabetic Tea

Control your urge for sweet things, curb the excessive sleep that diabetes often exacts from you and reduce disturbed metabolism.

This safe and effective therapeutic tea will promote carbohydrate metabolism, digestion and general system immunity.

A holistic tea blend to prevent the onslaught of chronic diabetes should your condition be hereditary.

100% Natural & No Side Effects

Also contains proven anti-diabetic herbal, Asphaltum, Eugenia jamolana, Gymnema sylvestre, Melia azadiarchta, Foenum gracenum, Zingiber officinale, Piper longum and Piper nigrum.

  • Weight Management


    Slim-N-Trim Trinitea

    Ideal for fighting obesity and hypertension. Constipation and Diabetes among others. It should be used over a period of 3 months.

    After this given time, if you have lost the required weight, it is advisable to keep taking Slim-N-Trim Trinitea 3 times a week to maintain a weight balance.

    If you wish to pursue further weight loss, it should be taken for another period of 3 months, following a 1 week break.

  • Skin Therapy


    Scandal Turmeric Cream

    The Scandal Turmeric Cream is an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory cream.

    It provides a soothing and refreshing effect.

  • Pain Relief


    Massage Oil

    Ayurved Massage oil provides symptomatic relief in acute and chronic joint affections.

    Clear inflammatory exudates rapidly and reduces inflammatory swelling, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.

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Yoga & Meditation Classes

Come join our yoga and meditation classes. Taught by Mr. Anilsingh Deonanan director of Nirvaved 5 Lotus.


Tantra Herbal Care

Nirvaved Five Lotus a élaboré une gamme de cosmétiques.

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Par le Côlon, visible par l'état de la peau.

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25% d’extrait de Noni

King Raj, une tisane à base de plusieurs herbes médicinales.

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