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The Ayurveda Principle

Nirvaved Herbal is a range of food supplements and products based on the Ayurveda principle.

Ayurveda, recognised as the mother of medcine since 5,000 years, originates from India.

Ayur......meaning ......Longlife.

& knowledge.

This method of healthcare has been practised for centuries in India with proven results.

It is three fold in approach.

Physical ......mental......self......

Ayurveda believes that when the patient is in perfect balance with these three aspects, the body is in bliss,hence only positive vibrations are experienced and vice versa......

Ultimately,the ayurvedic lifestyle, with nirvaved brings you this balance.


The Freeze Drying Technology.

Freeze drying technology, in herbal food preservation retrains the flavour, nutritive value and natural properties of the herbs to the maximum.

No other procedure can achieve these results......

Nirvaved range uses this technology thoroughly